New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Collaboratively clearing the path to a baccalaureate degree: identifying effective 2- to 4-year college transfer partnerships Xu, Di; Ran, Xiaotao; Fink, John; Jenkins, Davis; Dundar, Afet 2018 Article
Occupational career change and gender wage inequality Moore, Thomas S. 2018 Article
Passed to fail?: predicting the college enrollment of GED passers Rossi, Rachael J.; Bower, Corey Bunje 2018 Article
The significance of the learner profile in recognition of prior learning Snyman, Marici; van den Berg, Geesje 2018 Article
The forgotten 90 per cent: adult nonparticipation in education Patterson, Margaret Becker 2018 Article
Assessing adults' career exploration: development and validation of the vocational and maternal identity exploration scales Gross-Spector, Michal; Cinamon, Rachel Gali 2018 Article
Parent and adolescent perceptions of adolescent career development tasks and vocational identity Rogers, Mary E.; Creed, Peter; Praskova, Anna 2018 Article
Work-family culture in low-income environments: can we generalize? French, Kimberly A.; Agars, Mark D. 2018 Article
Acculturation, enculturation, gender, and college environment on perceived career barriers among Latino/a college students Holloway-Friesen, Holly 2018 Article
University graduates' employability, employment status, and job quality Gonzalez-Roma, Vicente; Gamboa, Juan Pablo; Peiro, Jose M. 2018 Article
The future of jobs report 2018 World Economic Forum 2018 Report
An introduction to achieving policy impact for early career researchers Evans, Megan C.; Cvitanovic, Christopher 2018 Article
Low-income students at selective colleges: disappearing or holding steady? Delisle, Jason; Cooper, Preston 2018 Report
Job creation and local economic development 2018: preparing for the future of work Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2018 Report
The long and winding road: experiences of students entering university through transition programs Millman, Theresa; McNamara, Jacinta 2018 Article
Literacy in the world of the aged care worker Wyse, Linda; Casarotto, Nadia 2004 Article
Literacy, numeracy and employability: evidence from the British birth cohort studies Bynner, John 2004 Article
'Learnin' 'em their letters': researching professional practice and the stories we live Waterhouse, Peter 2004 Article
'Make your own way there': an agenda for young people in the modern labour market Spierings, John 2004 Article
Hope is not a strategy: our shared responsibility for the future of work and workers Australia. Parliament. Senate. Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers 2018 Report