New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Skills in Ibero-America: insights from PISA 2015 Avvisati, Francesco; Cherian, Michelle; Encinas-Martin, Marta; Fitzpatrick, Manuela; Pacileo, Bonaventura; Toledo, Diana 2018 Report
Internet of Things (IoT): education and technology: the relationship between education and technology for students with disabilities McRae, Leanne; Ellis, Katie; Kent, Mike 2018 Report
General versus vocational education: lessons from a quasi-experiment in Croatia Zilic, Ivan 2018 Article
Ageing and employment policies: United States 2018: working better with age and fighting unequal ageing Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2018 Report
Constituting neoliberal subjects?: 'aspiration' as technology of government in UK policy discourse Spohrer, Konstanze; Stahl, Garth; Bowers-Brown, Tamsin 2018 Article
Competencies, occupational status, and earnings among European university graduates Blazquez, Maite; Herrarte, Ainhoa; Llorente-Heras, Raquel 2018 Article
Do single-sex schools enhance students' STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) outcomes? Park, Hyunjoon; Behrman, Jere R.; Choi, Jae-Sung 2018 Article
Does learning trigger learning throughout adulthood?: evidence from training participation of the employed population Kramer, Anica; Tamm, Marcus 2018 Article
The evolution of returns to education in the Middle East and North Africa: evidence from comparable education policy changes in Tunisia Pellicer, Miquel 2018 Article
The value of earning for learning: performance bonuses in immigrant language training Aslund, Olof; Engdahl, Mattias 2018 Article
Let the girls learn!: it is not only about math ... it's about gender social norms Rodriguez-Planas, Nuria; Nollenberger, Natalia 2018 Article
Why do boys and girls make different educational choices?: the influence of expected earnings and test scores Rapoport, Benoit; Thibout, Claire 2018 Article
Viet Nam vocational education and training report 2015 Hung, Vu Xuan; Viet, Nguyen Quang; Thu, Pham Xuan; Lien, Le Thi; Khanh, Phung Le; Son, Nguyen Huy; Tien, Mac Van; Tien, Nguyen Quyet; Ho, Nguyen Duc; Hung, Nguyen Quang; Nhan, Bui Thanh; Huyen, Dang Thi; Thao, Le Thi; Thao, Dinh Thi Phuong 2017 Report
Capturing school-to-work transitions with longitudinal data sources Pollard, Emma; Williams, Matthew; Huxley, Clare; Green, Martha; Martin, Alex; Gray, Helen 2017 Report
The true diversity of self-employment: uncovering the different segments of the UK's self-employed workforce Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE); Institute for Employment Studies (Great Britain) (IES) 2017 Report
Challenging the vocational education and training for development orthodoxy McGrath, Simon 2012 Conference
The gender-equality paradox in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education Stoet, Gijsbert; Geary, David C. 2018 Article
Aboriginal adult English language literacy and numeracy in the Northern Territory: a statistical overview Shalley, Fiona; Stewart, Allison 2017 Report
Updated action statement on Aboriginal adult English LLN in the Northern Territory LLN Action Network (Australia) 2017 Paper
Action statement on Indigenous adult language, literacy and numeracy in the Northern Territory LLN Action Network (Australia) 2017 Paper