New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Recruiting and retaining women in information technology programs: practices and challenges in Iowa community colleges Chen, Yu April; Mora, Arlene de la; Kemis, Mari 2017 Article
How community colleges are closing the skills gap through CTE and STEM funding innovations Lowry, Kimberly M.; Thomas-Anderson, Tricia 2017 Article
Unwelcoming classroom climates: the role of gender microaggressions in CTE Lester, Jaime; Struthers, Brice; Yamanaka, Aoi 2017 Article
The case for evaluating student outcomes and equity gaps to improve pathways and programs of study Bragg, Debra D. 2017 Article
An evolving entrepreneurship simulation as a vehicle for career and technical education Troudt, Edgar E.; Schulman, Stuart A.; Winkler, Christoph 2017 Article
A researcher-practitioner partnership on remedial math contextualization in career and technical education programs Wang, Xueli; Wang, Yan; Prevost, Amy 2017 Article
Community college pathways to the STEM workforce: what are they, who follows them, and how? Van Noy, Michelle; Zeidenberg, Matthew 2017 Article
Working time patterns for sustainable work Anxo, Dominique; Boulin, Jean-Yves; Cabrita, Jorge; Vermeylen, Greet; Lehmann, Stepanka; Lehmann, Rene; Parent-Thirion, Agnes 2017 Report
Global standards: bridging the skills gap Association of Colleges (AoC) [2013?] Report
How effective are different approaches to higher education provision in increasing access, quality and completion for students in developing countries?: does this differ by gender of students? Clifford, Megan; Miller, Trey; Stasz, Cathleen; Goldman, Charles; Sam, Cecile; Kumar, Krishna B. 2013 Report
Developing appropriate workforce skills for Australia's emerging digital economy: working paper Gekara, Victor; Molla, Alemayehu; Snell, Darryn; Karanasios, Stan; Thomas, Amanda 2017 Working paper
What's the payoff?: Americans consider problems and promises of higher education Schleifer, David; Silliman, Rebecca 2016 Paper
Winning the fight for female talent: how to gain the diversity edge through inclusive recruitment PricewaterhouseCoopers (Firm) 2017 Report
Comparative overview of institutional arrangements in selected country case studies Hadjivassiliou, Kari; Rickard, Catherine; Swift, Sam 2016 Working paper
Youth transitions and labour market flows: who moves and how? Flek, Vladislav; Mysikova, Martina 2016 Working paper
Youth school-to-work transitions: from entry jobs to career employment Berloffa, Gabriella; Matteazzi, Eleonora; Mazzolini, Gabriele; Villa, Paola 2015 Working paper
Balancing flexibility and security in Europe: the impact on young peoples' insecurity and subjective well-being Russell, Helen; Leschke, Janine; Smith, Mark 2015 Working paper
Flexicurity policies to integrate youth before and after the crisis Smith, Mark; Villa, Paola 2016 Working paper
How have teachers' salaries evolved and how do they compare to those of tertiary-educated workers? Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2017 Paper
How women have fared with the rise of the People's Republic of China in global supply chain trade Wang, Limin; Kanji, Shireen; Jha, Shikha; Meurs, Mieke 2017 Working paper