New Titles

Title Author Date Type
Russian students in Norway: why they come and how they cope Wiers-Jenssen, Jannecke 2015 Report
OECD reviews of tertiary education: Norway Clark, Tony; Sweet, Richard; Gruber, Karl Heinz; Lourtie, Pedro; Santiago, Paulo; Sohlman, Asa 2009 Report
The new life cycle of women's employment: disappearing humps, sagging middles, expanding tops Goldin, Claudia; Mitchell, Joshua 2017 Article
Boosting skills for greener jobs in Flanders, Belgium Cliquot, Nathalie 2017 Report
Don't forget private, non-profit colleges Chingos, Matthew M. 2017 Report
Patching bits won't fix vocational education in Australia: a new model is needed Wheelahan, Leesa 2016 Article
Beyond competence: an essay on a process approach to organising and enacting vocational education Billett, Stephen 2016 Article
From labour market to labour process: finding a basis for curriculum in TVET Gamble, Jeanne 2016 Article
Towards an epistemically neutral curriculum model for vocational education: from competencies to threshold concepts and practices Hodge, Steven; Atkins, Liz; Simons, Michele 2016 Article
Competence-based education and the limitations of critique Edwards, Richard 2016 Article
Community-based lifelong learning and adult education: role of community learning centres as facilitators of lifelong learning Victorino-Soriano, Cecilia 2016 Report
Beyond academic readiness: building a broader range of skills for success in college Nagaoka, Jenny; Holsapple, Matthew A. 2017 Paper
The social conventions of guidance as a major component of lifelong learning systems: a French-Danish-British comparison Verdier, Eric; Berner, Esther; Gonon, Philipp 2017 Book chapter
The genesis of vocational education in Switzerland from the perspective of justification theory: on the development of a dual vocational education model in the cantons of Geneva and Lucerne Berner, Esther; Berner, Esther; Gonon, Philipp 2017 Book chapter
Life Patterns: comparing the generations Crofts, Jessica; Cuervo, Hernan; Wyn, Johanna; Woodman, Dan; Reade, Josie; Cahill, Helen; Furlong, Andy 2016 Report
Do state subsidies for public universities favor the affluent? Delisle, Jason; Dancy, Kim 2016 Report
The training of Albanian public administration: an analysis of training policies and their impact in the professional development of civil servants Nunaj, Teuta 2016 Article
Community perspectives on the benefits of students teaching practice in tertiary institutions in southern Nigeria Asiyai, Romina Ifeoma 2016 Article
Skills supply and demand in South Africa Reddy, Vijay; Bhorat, Haroon; Powell, Marcus; Visser, Mariette; Arends, Fabian 2016 Report
Workforce development needs survey report Australian Industry Group 2016 Report