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Title Author Date Type
On the improvement of school-enterprise cooperation (SEC) in China He, Zhen; Xie, Liangcai; Li, Yuzhu; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
Why firms do and don't offer apprenticeships Lerman, Robert I.; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
A qualitative analysis of high school level vocational education in the United States: three decades of positive change Zirkle, Christopher; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
Quality doubts as a driver for vocational education and training (VET) reforms: Switzerland's way to a highly regarded apprenticeship system Gonon, Philipp; Matthias, Pilz 2017 Book chapter
Addressing mismatch in Spain: a concern and proposal beyond the economic sphere Lopez-Fogues, Aurora; Pilz, Matthias 2017 Book chapter
From 'inadequate' to 'outstanding': making the UK's skills system world class Brinkley, Ian; Crowley, Lizzie 2017 Report
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Digital economy talent supply: immigration stream Cameron, Alicia; Faisal, Sharif 2016 Report
Attrition and retention of apprentices: an exploration of event history data using a multi-state modelling framework Mangan, John; Trendle, Bernard 2017 Article
How leaders can get the most out of formal training: the significance of feedback-seeking and reflection as informal learning behaviors Sparr, Jennifer L.; Knipfer, Kristin; Willems, Friederike 2017 Article
Migration and gender: who gains and in which ways? Preston, Kate; Grimes, Arthur 2017 Working paper
The Australian labour market in 2015 Healy, Josh 2016 Article
Improving the odds: an empirical look at the factors that influence upward transfer Turk, Jonathan M.; Chen, Wei-Lin 2017 Report
Australia's shifting skills ecosystem: contemporary challenges in education, training and immigration Oliver, Damian; Wright, Chris F.; Hancock, Keith; Lansbury, Russell D. 2016 Book chapter
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The state of transfer of training research: moving toward more consumer-centric inquiry Baldwin, Timothy T.; Ford, J. Kevin; Blume, Brian D. 2017 Article
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Applying rules and standards accurately: indeterminacy and transfer among adult learners Kahn, Joshua D.; Girvan, Erik J. 2017 Article
Implementing guided pathways: early insights from the AACC Pathways colleges Jenkins, Davis; Lahr, Hana; Fink, John 2017 Report