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Study supporting a possible network of maritime training academies and institutes in the Mediterranean Sea basin: final report European Commission. Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME); European Commission. Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 2016 Report
Teacher certification and beyond: an empirical evaluation of the teacher certification program and education quality improvements in Indonesia World Bank (IBRD) 2016 Report
Uneven opportunity: exploring employers' educational preferences for middle-skills jobs Wardrip, Keith; Andreason, Stuart; De Zeeuw, Mels 2017 Report
Unlocking the potential of digital learning: harnessing technological advancement to solve issues faced by further education institutions YMCA Awards (Charity) 2017 Report
Workforce Skills Survey: high concern from employers on skills NSW Business Chamber 2017 Report
Productivity and lifetime earnings of apprentices and graduates Barclays Bank; Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) 2017 Report
Beyond aspirations: deploying the capability approach to tackle the under-representation in higher education of young people from deprived communities Campbell, Laurie Anne; McKendrick, John 2017 Article
Thinking with and beyond Bourdieu in widening higher education participation Webb, Sue; Burke, Penny Jane; Nichols, Susan; Roberts, Steven; Stahl, Garth; Threadgold, Steven; Wilkinson, Jane 2017 Article
Understanding adult lifelong learning participation as a layered problem Boeren, Ellen 2017 Article
Systemic obstacles to lifelong learning: the influence of the educational system design on learning attitudes Lavrijsen, Jeroen; Nicaise, Ides 2017 Article
Enhancing training advantage for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners Guenther, John; Bat, Melodie; Stephens, Anne; Skewes, Janet; Boughton, Bob; Williamson, Frances; Wooltorton, Sandra; Marshall, Mel; Dwyer, Anna 2017 Report
VET retention in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) 2017 Guide
Australian VET in China: what has changed? Dempsey, Kate; Tao, Xia; Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate 2017 Book chapter
Korea's vocational education training sector in a globalized world: current practices and future plans Nahm, Mihae Mary; Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate 2017 Book chapter
Policy lender and borrower at once: Korea's developments in the VET sector and its new pathway to apprenticeship Barabasch, Antje; Petrick, Stefanie; Park, Cheonsoo; Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate 2017 Book chapter
Internationalization in senior secondary vocational education in the Netherlands Bastiaannet, Hilde; Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate 2017 Book chapter
English instruction at community colleges: the language bridge to the USA Hagedorn, Linda Serra; Li, Ran; Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate 2017 Book chapter
Internationalization with VET character: key emerging issues Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate; Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate 2017 Book chapter
Recognition of prior learning: the tensions between its inclusive intentions and constraints on its implementation Cooper, Linda; Ralphs, Alan; Harris, Judy 2017 Article
Accessing and assessing appropriate widening participation data: an exploration of how data are used and by whom Holland, Natalie; Houghton, Ann-Marie; Armstrong, Jo; Mashiter, Claire 2017 Article