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Collaborative ideas for igniting the Indigenous economy Cashman, Josephine; Emerson, Craig; Forsyth, Liz; Salt, Bernard; Taylor, Jonathan; Wardell-Johnson, Grant; Wingrove, Gary; Fry, Eddie; Gordon, Sean; Howes, Paul; Hunter, Catherine; Langton, Marcia; Langton-Batty, Ruby; Mabbott, James; Nash, Peter 2016 Report
Determinants of increasing duration of first unemployment among first degree holders in Rwanda: a logistic regression analysis Niragire, Francois; Nshimyiryo, Alphonse 2017 Article
Does the Company Programme have the same impact on young women and men?: a study of entrepreneurship education in Norwegian upper secondary schools Johansen, Vegard 2017 Article
Understanding the nature of school partnerships with business in delivery of vocational programmes in schools in Australia Polesel, John; Klatt, Malgorzata; Blake, Damian; Starr, Karen 2017 Article
Informing policy and practice III: 2016 Student Equity in Higher Education Research Grants Program projects National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) 2017 Report
Traineeships: year two process evaluation Fitzpatrick, Alice; Coleman, Emma; Shanahan, Martin; Coleman, Nick; Cordes, Anna 2017 Report
Bringing together learning from two worlds: lessons from a gender-inclusive community education approach with smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea Pamphilon, Barbara; Mikhailovich, Katja 2017 Article
'The trails to get there': experiences of attaining higher education for Igorot Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines Adonis, Digna; Couch, Jen 2017 Article
Adult offenders' perceptions of rehabilitation programs in Africa Ngozwana, Nomazulu 2017 Article
Experiences of bridging program students at a regional satellite campus Elsom, Sandra; Greenaway, Ruth; Marshman, Margaret 2017 Article
Gender differences in online participation: examining a history and a mathematics Open Foundation online course Morante, Annette; Djenidi, Valerie; Clark, Helene; West, Susan 2017 Article
A reflection on continuing professional education research Brennan, Barrie 2017 Article
Capital limits: social class, motivations for term-time job searching and the consequences of joblessness among UK university students Roberts, Steven; Li, Zhen 2017 Article
Working their way to school completion: a snapshot of School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships for young Australians Klatt, Malgorzata; Clarke, Kira; Dulfer, Nicky 2017 Article
The Essentials of Numeracy: a new approach to making the UK numerate National Numeracy (Charity) 2017 Paper
Job fairs: matching firms and workers in a field experiment in Ethiopia Abebe, Girum; Caria, Stefano; Fafchamps, Marcel; Falco, Paolo; Franklin, Simon; Quinn, Simon; Shilpi, Forhad 2017 Working paper
Fast, easy and cheap job matching: social networks in Bangladesh Matsuda, Norihiko; Nomura, Shinsaku 2017 Working paper
Does the adoption of complex software impact employment composition and the skill content of occupations?: evidence from Chilean firms Almeida, Rita K.; Fernandes, Ana Margarida; Viollaz, Mariana 2017 Working paper
Global inequality in a more educated world Ahmed, Syud Amer; Bussolo, Maurizio; Cruz, Marcio; Go, Delfin S.; Osorio-Rodarte, Israel 2017 Working paper
The impact of skills training on the financial behaviour, employability and educational choices of rural young people: findings from a randomized controlled trial in Morocco Bausch, Jonas; Dyer, Paul; Gardiner, Drew; Kluve, Jochen; Kovacevic, Sonja 2017 Report