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Title Author Date Type
Education policy outlook 2018: putting student learning at the centre Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2018 Report
Does work-based learning facilitate transitions to decent work? Comyn, Paul; Brewer, Laura 2018 Working paper
Interns and outcomes: just how effective are internships as a bridge to stable employment? O'Higgins, Niall; Pinedo, Luis 2018 Working paper
Promoting decent work for indigenous and tribal people through employment and investment programs International Labour Office. Employment Policy Department 2018 Paper
Yarning the way: the role of Indigenous education paraprofessionals in guiding the post-school transitions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth Gruppetta, Maree; Southgate, Erica; Ober, Robyn; Cameron, Liz; Fischetti, John; Thunig, Amy; Heath, Treesa; Burns, Karinda; Clifton, Shirley 2018 Report
Apprenticeship schemes in European countries: a cross-nation overview European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) 2018 Report
Skills and jobs in Brazil: an agenda for youth Almeida, Rita K.; Packard, Truman 2018 Report
Youth employment in Nepal Raju, D.; Rajbhandary, Jasmine 2018 Report
Georgia at work: assessing the jobs landscape Posadas, Josefina; Makovec, Mattia; Jaef, Roberto Fattal; Gruen, Carola; Ajwad, Mohamed Ihsan 2018 Report
The skills system in Northern Ireland: challenges and opportunities Gunson, Russell; Murray, Chris; Williamson, Ian 2018 Report
Work-process based development of curricula: a framework Spoettl, Georg; Loose, Gert 2018 Article
Application of work process based curriculum development at STEP Institute of Art, Design and Management, Pakistan Pirzada, Gouhar 2018 Article
Curricula approaches and competence development for secondary vocational education schools in Palestine Samara, Malaka 2018 Article
Equity performance and accountability Brett, Matthew 2018 Report
Alignment of the curriculum to the development of the industrial world (revitalization program of vocational high schools in Indonesia) Triyono, M. Bruri; Murniati, Dewi Eka 2018 Article
Of bulls and bulbs: aspirations and perceptions of rural youth in Zambia Daum, Thomas 2018 Working paper
Job creation report Krakah, Anthony; Agyaho, John Foster; Adzovor, Patrick 2015 Report
The US labour force participation debacle: learning from the contrast with Britain Richiardi, Matteo; Nolan, Brian; Kenworthy, Lane 2018 Working paper
The distribution of the gender wage gap Bhalotra, Sonia R.; Fernandez, Manuel 2018 Working paper
Opportunities knocked?: exploring pay penalties among the UK's ethnic minorities Henehan, Kathleen; Rose, Helena 2018 Report