People to jobs, jobs to people: global mobility and labor migration

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Population ageing, technology-induced changes in labor demand as well as the recent refugee crisis have once again stirred continuous debates about the economic and social consequences of international labor migration in Europe and other developed countries. Proponents of international labor mobility highlight that migrants substantially contribute to the fiscal budget, provide well-needed skills and frequently take jobs that natives eschew. Critics, in turn, accuse immigrants of draining the welfare and healthcare systems, taking natives' jobs, or eroding social trust in the destination...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Migration; Labour market; Skills and knowledge; Policy

Keywords: Labour mobility; Skilled migration; Policy implications; Skill shortage; Labour supply

Geographic subjects: Europe

Published: Bonn, Germany: IZA, 2017

Physical description: 194 p.

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Series: IZA research report; no. 74

Resource type: Report

Call number: TD/TNC 132.257

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