Disadvantaged young people: senior secondary completion in Victorian TAFEs and dual sector universities

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Author: Jonas, Pam; Schultz, Nita; Son, Jo van


This research project investigates the realities and challenges for Victoria's 12 TAFEs and 4 dual sector Universities in providing young people from disadvantaged circumstances with a learning environment and support services to enable them to successfully re-engage with education. The report is based on information collected through qualitative and quantitative data collection processes conducted with TAFEs and dual sector Universities in 2015.

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Subjects: Disadvantaged; Youth; Pathways; Providers of education and training; Participation

Keywords: Youth at risk; Completion; Institutional role; TAFE; University; Postcompulsory education

Geographic subjects: Victoria; Australia; Oceania

Published: Melbourne, Victoria: Victorian TAFE Association, 2017

Physical description: 28 p.

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Resource type: Report

Call number: TD/TNC 132.249

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