Occupational choice and matching in the labor market

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Author: Mak, Eric; Siow, Aloysius


Integrating Roy with Becker, this paper studies occupational choice and matching in the labor market. [The authors'] model generates occupation earnings distributions which are right skewed, have firm fixed effects, and large changes in aggregate earnings inequality without significant changes in within firm inequality. The estimated model fits the earnings distribution both across and within firms in Brazil in 1999. It shows that the recent decrease in aggregate Brazilian earnings inequality is largely due to the increase in her educational attainment over the same years. A simulation...  [+] Show more

Subjects: Qualifications; Employment; Equity; Income; Outcomes; Technology; Research

Keywords: Educational level; Attainment; Education work relationship; Occupation; Job requirements; Technological change; Wage differential; Return on education and training; Comparative analysis; History

Geographic subjects: Brazil; South America; United States; North America

Published: Bonn, Germany: IZA, 2017

Physical description: [53] p.

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Series: IZA discussion paper; no. 10584

Resource type: Discussion paper

Call number: TD/TNC 127.984

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